A Dream is Born.

Welcome to my first blog post! I am so excited to share with you guys a little about travel, the charities I am involved in as well as the art of textiles and design.
The idea for Lush & Olive was born amidst the souks in Morocco. I was currently on a yoga retreat called “Move and Manifest” because like many others, I was searching. I was no longer passionate about what I was doing and I knew if I wasn’t passionate about it, I was no longer living my truth. That revelation has led me here.
I began traveling in 2012 after a difficult break up and found myself in love with the notion of doing the things that scared me. At the time, that was to travel alone, so I did it and overcame it. I began to give my trips different themes to conquer goals, fears and challenges. For example, my trip to Perú in May of last year was to defy my fear of heights. I ended up jumping off of a cliff with a total stranger over the city of Lima and I rock climbed up over 1000 ft. to a glass capsule dangling over a cliff in the Sacred Valley. Yup! I did it! Doing things like this has allowed me to take the power away from the fears in my life.
Starting a business has been my next challenge and it too has a theme: Vulnerability. Why? Because taking this risk has allowed me to practice being vulnerable. Lush & Olive is my way of coming into your home, making it beautiful and making you wonder about another country, another world. However, it is also my #metoo story. Accepting the things that have happened to me has been the driving force for me partnering with charities that empower women and girls around the world that try to be silenced. When we silence girls, we discourage them from being who they are and for many years, that was me. NOW is our chance to give social injustice a voice. It is a powerful moment in time where we have the opportunity to be a catalyst for change.
That is how my dream was born, as a launching point for the change in many young girls lives and for me, it needed to start with this girl.
My first post is dedicated to the wonderful women I met in Morocco. Not only did you support me that trip, you encouraged this dream. Thank you!

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  1. Hi Donna!

    I just want to say I’m really enjoying exploring the site and gleaning inspiration from your posts.

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